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Welcome to Rebel Housewife 2.0 —

An ongoing conversation about great books and reading, literary travel and writing… and life approaching fifty (50!) in this crazy, fabulous world.

The Rebel Housewife launched in 2002, to support publication of The Rebel Housewife Rules: To Heck With Domestic Bliss! Women’s Humor, very Erma Bombeck for the Modern Girls—

“Anecdotes, observations, experiences On LIFE AT 30 & BEYOND: kids, family, men, BOOKS, Literacy, education & schooling..." 

Suddenly, 15 years later… the kids are grown, the family is dispersed, men are still men (and we love them so)…

Everything changes, and that’s okay.

Rebel Housewife 2.0 is LIFE AT 45 & BEYOND…

The continuing adventures of The Rebel Housewife(R) — Sherri Caldwell [link to About] — Author, Reviewer & Copywriter specializing in Lifestyle, Literary Travel & Tourism.

On Great Books, Literary Travel & Freelance Writing... 


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